Monday, November 26, 2012

Zip and Email Unique Form Processor


Zip and Email Unique Form Processor is making life easy. Sending files via email is easy enough, but when you have to zip them in order for most email accounts to accept them can be a real pain. Zip and Email Unique was designed to enhance your productivity. If your like me and you sell Software and eBooks on eBay and wished you didn't have to load your Outlook and have to go through tons of emails every time someone places an order and you just want to zip and send a file, we'll your in for a treat. The Zip and Email Unique is so simple, you just enter in your Subject, The Email Address you want to send to, Your Email Address, A message and pick the file you want to zip and send. The Zip and Email Unique will zip just about any file and Email it. The only restrictions are within your Hosting limits. The Zip and Email has a built in user name and password authentication so no one but you can access it.
How complex is this script to install ? How about this, all you need to do is change the user name and password and upload the files to your Web Hosting, THAT'S IT! You can then just goto the url and start sending. It's that easy!

Zip and Email Unique, doesn't even require a database of any kind or have any hidden htaccess files required. Everything is built right into it

only 1$

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