Monday, November 12, 2012

100 Power Scripts

Grab this HUGE "Power Scripts" Package And Start to Make A Fast Profit With A High Demand Products

"Profit Pulling Package, Gives You The Power To Create Different Niche Websites"

Without Spending A Fortune Hiring A Specialist To Do It...

Dear Friend,
People say that the internet is a true gold mind, and this package will show you this is a very true statement :-)
Here is the deal;You will get a Web Site just Like This And Over 100 Powerful CGI Scripts which ANY webmaster would be a fool to pass up on.
A few Ways To Make Money With This huge Package of Scripts:
  • Create your own websites and operate them with these scripts.
  • You can sell this entire Package over and over and keep all the money.
  • You can sell the scripts individually.
  • You can split the scripts into different related groups to create and sell special interest script packages
  • You can start your own private membership site and charge customers a monthly fee for access to the scripts.
Plus much more...
All the scripts below with master resell rights for only:
Browse the scripts list below : (very long list if you ask me :-)

Notes: (Please Read Before Purchase)
  • This scripts are not GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, they are all paid scripts.
  • The scripts are provided 'as is', and is without warranty or technical support
  • There are installation documentation for most of the scripts inside the package.
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