Thursday, November 1, 2012

!!!!85 Adsense and Amazon affiliate income ready sites only $1.50!!!!

85 adsense

!!!!85 Adsense and Amazon affiliate income ready sites only $1.50!!!!

Five figure Adsense earners reveal the tools and resources they use to earn a Six Figure Income year after year with

Contextual Advertising and Google Adsense... $START MAKING REAL MONEY TODAY$

Here's a few examples of what your sites will look like...



Wait just for readying get 10 adsense PLR Articles About adsense for your blog, website, or whatever you have in mind!


Even more amazing by purchasing this download get the following bonuses:

Ebook --> Learn To Write High Response Sales Letters sales
In Just 25 Minutes & 6 Quick And Easy Steps

Script ---> “Special Offer Manager”  offerman
Special Offer Manager is a cool way to boost conversions. The one challenge that every marketer faces is getting visitors enticed to buy while at the sales page.
Well, here's a really innovative way to add urgency that can get fence sitters to buy YOUR products - all while adding a real incentive for your customers.

template ---> News Letter Template pack  news
27 Templates for newsletters bonus graphics Included.

Script --->
Mailing List Manager mlm
Follow the simple instructions and use Mailing List Manager and I guarantee you will TRIPLE the results of your marketing efforts...
No Matter What You Are Selling!

Script --- > Dime Sale Creator dimesale
Do the words "script" and "install" make the hairs rise on the back of your neck, but do you want to run one of those HOT dimesales yourself?

Tool ---> Webmaster Tools III... web
is the best application of it's type available on the internet today. Webmaster Tools was designed and developed with webmasters in mind.
This exceptional tool was designed and developed by a webmaster for his own use so you know it is a tool that all webmasters and site builders will find extremely useful and will be able to use with ease.

Tool --- >   Easily Create Drop Down Menus! drop down Unbelievable and SUPER easy to use software makes creating a drop down menus a BREEZE! 
PLR  --->And lasts but not least 50 PLR marketing articles. mark

From: Ronald R Farmer II

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondering if your completly insane. Well the anwser is yes if you don't keep ready and prepare to make passive online income!


I personally guarentee you will not find this collection cheaper than you will right here and right now!$

Have you ever wondered why certain Niche Site Marketers make Big Money with their Niche Sites and others are lucky to hit

the $100 payout? This is the most common question we are asked each and every day, when we talk about Adsense and Affiliate


Usually, before we get a chance to answer the question, the person goes on to tell us their 'theory' and more often than

not, the theory is way off base. You see, if Google or Affilate Programs decided to cancel your account or delete you right

before you reached the payout number, they wouldn't have a very good business model.

In fact, I've met hundreds of people that make 5 figures every month from Adsense and Affiliate Marketing and they all have

one thing in common... but more on that later...

One of the biggest mistakes marketer's make is to use listen to outdated information or use outdated tools & resources, and

unfortunately, as vast as the internet is, you are bound to run into this problem. But, don't worry, everyone has been in

your shoes at one time or another.

Use Proven Tools and Methods that are Still Working Today!

Do you think Formula One racing teams use outdated technology and information? No way, they use the best of the best and,

they have people working behind the scenes to stay ahead of the competition. This business model works extremely well for

Niche Marketer's because once you have a system in place, you have to test it and improve your results to remain


This is where we come in. We've been consistently making money with Adsense and Affiliate Marketing for over 4 years and

we've never stopped testing new techniques. We are going to spill the beans and give you the exact niche sites and

resources we use to every day.

I'll use the Formula One analogy again, if you were always finishing behind the Ferrari Team and they gave you the chance

to see exactly what parts they use and the technology behind the winning formula, wouldn't you jump at the chance? I know I


Learn from the Experts and Duplicate Their Success

The secret to making passive income with Adsense and Affiliate Marketing is about the tools and resources you are using as

much as the Niche you are marketing in. You can be marketing in a very succesful, popular and profitable niche but if you

don't have the right tools, it can be frustrating.

Take control of your Niche Marketing Today! You can start using these niche sites to build your Virtual Real Estate Empire

and what if I told you we'd give you Master Resell Rights to the sites and you could resell these packages yourself! Well,

you CAN!

Exclusive Site Building & Features You Won't Find Anywhere!

SEO Keyword Article Management System - This is one of our "secret weapons". Remember that all your content is unique and

fresh, created just for your site... then watch what happens each time a visitor (or search engine) comes to your site!

The software allows you to specify what article you want shown for a specific keyword phrase.  In the past, you were forced

to use an article rotator on your site if you had more keywords than articles.  Now you can specify a specific article per

keyword or let the script randomly display an article.  As you add more articles, you can easily assign them to new keyword


SEO Friendly RSS Feeds - You've heard all the buzz about RSS, right? This is a whole new channel for your information, and

the custom RSS script we've created (you can't get this anywhere else) creates RSS news feeds that the search engines will

love. All you do is choose the keywords and the source of the feed, and the script does the rest.

Affiliate Product Placement - Running AdSense ads is just one source of income - we've learned it's best to have each site

bringing in multiple income streams. So we've made it easy to place Amazon products, Clickbank Products, and even your own

products on your content site quickly and easily. You just update one file - your affiliate products show on every page of

the site. You can change your products anytime you want, and it's quick and simple to do.

Easy Push-Button Updates - We've made it quick and easy to update your site with a few keystrokes. You can change all your

ad codes (including AdSense), articles, navigation elements, footer, and affiliate products by just inputting the new data.

Then the changes take place automatically across your entire site! Experiment with AdSense colors and sizes, add new

channels, new affiliate products - it's easy as "1-2-3".

Add New Rotating Content With Ease - If you want to keep your site growing, you must keep adding content. We make it easy

to take your new articles, save them to the articles folder, and "bam!" - you have new content that starts rotating


State of the Art Control Panel to Manage Everything

Brand new admin area for every site:  Each site comes with a built in admin area to manage your content site(s).  Login to

your admin area and make changes to your site, add articles, manage keywords, edit the configuration file, add pages to the

site, add links to the pages and edit your affiliate program info.  This new feature makes it simple for even a newbie to

build a virtual real estate empire.

Edit and add articles in the admin interface:  Upload new articles, edit existing articles with a click of a button.  This

exclusive new feature can add a ton of new content to your site easily.  Change the titles, change the content, modify

existing articles and add as much content as you wish, with a few mouse clicks.

Add and delete keywords in the admin interface:  Easily add new keywords to your content sites and delete keywords that you

no longer wish to use.  This feature has great potential to change your sites as your niche changes.  For example, imagine

having a Gaming or Playstation site up and already indexed by the search engines. When the new PS3 or Nintendo WII hit the

market, all you had to do was add the new keywords, new articles and you are already one step ahead of the competition.  No

need to wait for the search engines to list your site.  The potential for this is huge.

Keyword Article Management System:  With our new exclusive article management system, you can assign articles to keywords

and keyword phrases.  That way when a certain phrase or keyword is searched and someone arrives at your content site, they

will see the exact article you want them to see.  You can assign one article to one phrase or as many keywords and phrases

that you wish or you can allow the system to rotate your articles for any given phrase.

TOS, privacy, links, contact pages, editable in the admin interface:  These pages are very important in adding validity to

your content sites.  You can add/edit and manage your TOS, privacy, links, and contact pages right from the admin area.

Add your info, click a button and that's it.

Robots.txt and custom error page:  We've added a couple of very important pages to our Phase 2 sites.  Manage your

robots.txt and 404 error page file right in the admin area. Control which bots you want hitting your pages and which pages

you want them to see.  Also, add affiliate info or products to your 404 error pages and capitalize when someone arrives at

an error page.

Configuration file editable in the admin interface:  Edit your configuration file right from the admin area.  No more FTP

(you can still use FTP if you'd like but now you don't have to) just login to the site admin area and add/edit your

details.  Add an Adsense Channel easily, change your Amazon ID,

Rotating phrases for title, description and headlines:  We understand how important title, description and headlines are in

the search engines.  The search engines put a lot of weight into these when crawling your sites.  Now, you can add

different phrases, descriptions and headlines that will be rotated on your content sites.  This will also lower the

footprint of your sites.

Image rotation next to Adsense and Affiliate Ads:  Add as many 125x125 images as you want to your sites and the images will

rotate as your pages load.  This helps change the appearance of your sites and make them more appealing to your visitors.

Dynamic Links pages with one file to edit for the layout:  We've changed our links pages to be dynamic and they can be

edited in the new Admin area.  This allows you to change your links occasionally and remove links that are no longer valid

helping you keep up to date and relevant content on your sites.

Is Your Business Worth The Price Of A Dinner at AppleBees?

Think about it, you go out to dinner with your wife/husband and I can guarantee the cost of dinner is more than the cost of

this offer. For the cost of dinner, you can have the tools you need to start making money like the Big Dogs.

Take action today and you'll be on the track to joining the Big Dogs of Adsense and Affiliate Marketing and forget about IF

you are going to make the $100 payout, you'll be thinking about what you are going to spend your extra money on. ;)
Here's what you receive:

85 Sites

SEO Keyword Article Management System

SEO Friendly RSS Feeds

Affiliate Product Placement

Easy Push-Button Updates

Add New Rotating Content With Ease

Brand New Admin Area for Every Site

Edit and Add articles in the Admin Interface

Add and Delete Keywords in the Admin Interface

Keyword Article Management System

TOS, Privacy, Links, Contact Pages, Editable in the Admin Interface

Robots.txt and Custom Error Page

Configuration File Editable in the Admin Interface

Rotating Pphrases for Title, Description and Headlines

Image Rotation Next to Adsense and Affiliate Ads

Dynamic Links Pages with One File to Edit for the Layout

What kind of sites will you get?

  1.   Antivirus     
  2.   Photography     
  3.   Credit-Score
  4.     Adoption
  5.     Alarm Systems
  6.     Aquariums
  7.     Baby Shower
  8.     Cellulite
  9.     Feng-Shui
  10.     Lower Cholesterol
  11.     Podcast
  12.     South Beach
  13.     Sports Cars
  14.     Acupuncture
  15.     Air Purifier
  16.     Anti-Aging
  17.     Anti-Virus
  18.     Attraction
  19.     Autism
  20.     Back to School
  21.     Bowling
  22.     Bridal Shower
  23.     Chiropractors
  24.     Chitosan
  25.     Equity Loans
  26.     Garage Sale
  27.     Garden Furniture
  28.     Golf Clubs
  29.     HDTV
  30.     Hybrid Cars
  31.     Indy 500
  32.     Laptops
  33.     Magic Tricks
  34.     Martial Arts
  35.     Parasailing
  36.     PS3
  37.     Social Networking
  38.     Time Share
  39.         4th of July
  40.         Airlines
  41.         Alernative Energy
  42.         American History
  43.         Anti-Oxidants
  44.         Barbados
  45.         Beauty
  46.         Bonsai
  47.         Boxing
  48.         Braces
  49.         Cats
  50.         Closet Organizers
  51.         College Scholorships
  52.         Credit Scores
  53.         Cruise
  54.         Debt
  55.         Dirt Bikes
  56.         Distance Learning
  57.         Dogs
  58.         Embroidery
  59.         Fashion
  60.         Fruit Trees
  61.         Generators
  62.         Golden Retreivers
  63.         Gourmet
  64.         Government Grants
  65.         Grand Caymen
  66.         Gum Disease
  67.         Health & Fitness
  68.         Herbs
  69.         Ice Fishing
  70.         Kitchen Remodeling
  71.         Lipo Suction
  72.         Metal Detector
  73.         Office Chairs
  74.         Photography
  75.         Roller Blading
  76.         Running
  77.         Scrapbooking
  78.         Soccer Tips
  79.         Spring Break
  80.         Stress
  81.         Surround Sound
  82.         Swimming
  83.         Tarot
  84.         Television
  85.         Vitamins
  86.         Wart Removal
  87.         Watches
  88.         Wedding Gifts

 Best Deal of All...

All 85 Sites + bonus - only 1.50


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Oh thats right we had a deal your free download is below:
Your plr download

Yours in Success,
Ronald R Farmer

P.S. Remember, after your purchase, not only can you upload these sites for Adsense and Amazon affiliate income, but as a

bonus, you also get Master Resell Rights and pre-written sales pages!!

P.P.S. When you purchase, you agree to abide by the terms below...

Terms of Purchase

[Yes] You may add / edit or remove content
[Yes] Can be offered as a bonus for products sold
[Yes] Can be packaged with products for sale
[Yes] Can be added to paid membership sites
[Yes] Includes sales letter
[Yes] Includes graphics
[Yes] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[Yes] Can sell Resale Rights
[No] Can be given away
[No] Can sell Private Label Rights

                                                                                                                                                 Brought to you by

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